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Tommy Rice took this nontypical whitetail buck with a modern firearm 20 years ago near Star Hill in West Feliciana Parish, and the 28-point trophy scored 228 7/8 points to stand in third place in that category in the Louisiana Big Game Records, a list maintained by the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries' Wildlife Division staff.

Unless you took that trophy whitetail buck early in the current season — and took it in the state — you’ll have to wait for an “official” score to find out where you stand among the trophy deer records kept by the state’s Wildlife Division biologists and staff.

The reason is a rack must “dry” for a minimum of 60 days from the time the buck was taken, and measuring before that time is considered a “green” score.

There are Wildlife Division folks based in Department of Wildlife and Fisheries field offices and they’re qualified to measure your trophy’s antlers for any of the three levels in the state’s Big-Game Records Program — State Recognition, State Record and National Record.

The respective minimum scores in each program category for typical/nontypical antlers are 130/165, 160/185 and 170/195 in Modern Firearms (Boone & Crockett); 90/100, 110/140 and 125/155 for bowhunters; and 110/130, 120/150 and 130/160 for deer taken with a blackpowder weapon.

The State Recognition section runs in three-year cycles and records are maintained for periods through the 2017-2018 season. And while only the top 10 in each of the categories is listed here, there are many more names, dates and locations on the LDWF’s website:

If you need more information, call the Wildlife Division at (225) 765-2348.

Flood closures

Deer hunting inside the Atchafalaya Basin in State Area 5 is closed after the Atchafalaya River hit the 15-foot mark Monday on the Butte LaRose gauge. The area will reopen only after the river marks down to the gauge’s 14-foot level.

The closure takes in parts of Iberville, St. Martin, St. Mary and Iberia parishes from the East Atchafalaya Basin Protection Levee west to the West Protection Levee and areas south of Alligator Bayou and Bayou Sorrel.

  • All hunting on the Pearl River Wildlife Management Area was closed Tuesday when the Pearl River gauge hit 16.5 feet, meaning the Old U.S. 11 gate is closed and locked. A forecast calls for the river to remain at or above that level for the next week.
  • The Camp Bayou Road on the Dewey Wills WM is closed to large vehicles but is accessible by ATV/UTV only.