You probably never thought you’d read about skunks on The Advocate’s Outdoor page, but Wildlife and Fisheries biologists are calling on the public — mostly hunters — to provide them with information on the eastern spotted skunk.

The Wildlife Division staff indicated there has been no confirmed sighting of this once-common species in more than 30 years in the state.

It’s not that most hunters will get that close to a skunk, but evidence from roadkill, game cameras and sightings in the woods — even from trappers — will help biologists determine if the species still lives here.

LDWF biologist Jennifer Hogue-Manuel said this species is near the large gray squirrel. Distinctive markings are an upside-down triangle on its forehead, narrow white stripes beneath its eyes, stripes running diagonally across the hips, white spots near a bushy white tail.

To report sightings, call Hogue-Manuel (337) 735-8674, or e-mail:

Joe Macaluso