Happy New Year, and waterfowl hunters should celebrate the gift Mother Nature sent their way — even if it came a little late to set under a Christmas tree.

Reports from the central parishes Monday came with the news the skies were filled with geese, and where geese go ducks do, too.

Last weekend’s cold front pushed birds to south Louisiana, and our midweek front likely will add to those numbers.

There’s a downside, and duck and goose hunters might not like the excessive rain coming with this front. Too much rain puts too much water over the submerged food dabbling ducks come here to eat, and the ducks find shelter in ponds far away from their usual resting spots.

Too much rain makes for unbelievably sloppy goose hunts, too.

At least there’s the possibility of ducks and geese to hunt through this first holiday weekend of 2020, even through bright sunshiny days aren’t exactly the best duck hunting conditions.

Fishing pressure

This cold front brings moderate temperatures, high skies, and, even worse for fishermen, high barometric pressures into next week.

For the most part, coastal marsh catches have been good, but Friday’s rising barometer is predicted to bring a succession of barometric pressures higher than 30.25 inches for the next seven days when afternoon temperatures will be in the 60s and morning lows in the low 40s.

It means anglers should go to lighter lines, use smaller baits and extra slow retrieves.

C'mon men

No matter how the hunting community tries, there remains a segment among us determined to violate game laws, and determined not to understand there are eyes and ears most everywhere these days — hey, lots of people have cellphones these days.

Take Winnsboro residents Davy Parker, 27, and Ethan Bass, 29. Wildlife and Fisheries Enforcement Division agents cited these guys for taking deer during a closed season and during illegal hours, having over the daily and season limits of deer, shooting at deer from a moving vehicle while on a public road, and criminal trespassing — allegedly.

Agents acted on a complaint and seized two firearms and five sets of antlers. Besides thousands of dollars in fines, and possible jail time, the LDWF estimated civil restitution fines alone total $12,598.

It gets worse: Enforcement Division agents acted on a complaint backed up by a trail camera showing 49-year-old Joey Deville allegedly stalking deer at night on lands, the report stated, “ he did not have permission to access. Agents were then able to obtain search warrants for Deville’s property in LaSalle Parish.”

This guy is in big trouble: agents, acting with LaSalle Parish Sheriff’s deputies, arrested Deville and booked him on possession of a firearm by convicted felon, hunting deer during illegal hours, hunting deer using illegal methods, criminal trespassing, possession of a firearm in the presence of a controlled dangerous substance, possession of methamphetamine, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Wow! A trail camera.

Even worse is this will not be the last poaching report this season.