Don’t know if anyone is counting, but in about three months Louisiana’s wild waterfowlers will be able to hunt.

Yep, teal season is a little more than 90 days out, and in the spirit of keeping all things duck hunting alive, Ducks Unlimited announced what it calls its “All-American” college chapters.

As with all things of this nature, there are levels — Gold, Silver, Bronze in this case — and Louisiana was represented in all three.

LSU’s Tiger Chapter hit the Gold mark, along with Texas A&M, Colorado State, Nebraska and North Carolina State.

DU ranked UL in the Silver tier along with Auburn, Georgia and East Carolina’s Pirate Chapter.

McNeese State led the Bronze level, which also included Ole Miss and South Carolina.

These collegians must raise at least $25,000 from their events, and these 13 chapters accounted for more than $1.5 million of the $2.1 million sent to DU from college chapters across the country.

On the water

With a fifth-place finish in Sunday’s final “Boomie” Chustz Memorial bass tournament series, Gene Andre and Steve Fontana wrapped up their second consecutive Angler of the Year title.

Wayne Major and Shannon Fairchild won Sunday with 13.24 pounds from Henderson Lake, which is still very high, but probably the only “fishable” waters in the area after last week’s flooding rains and the continuing saga with floodwaters in the Mississippi and Atchafalaya rivers.


Appears the big fish eluded most anglers in last weekend’s annual Swollfest on Grand Isle, but there were lots of action at the weigh station.

Participation continues to rise, and, while Dr. Nick Rauber hasn’t revealed a final number, it’s sure the efforts of his all-volunteer group will add a solid six-figure donation to the more than $2 million raised for local charities, mostly the OLOL Children’s Hospital.