There are very few days defining a people and a century.

Today we remember one of those — June 6, 1944 — and it falls squarely in line with July 4, 1776, Jan. 1, 1863, and Sept. 11, 2001, in the history of our country and the effects those dates had on our world.

Allied D-Day casualties numbered somewhere more than 10,000 — 4,414 confirmed killed in action — and most of those were Americans assaulting Omaha Beach.

My dad told me he went ashore the next day. He said while they were on the transport on the night of D-Day, he could read a paperback novel by the light of antiaircraft and naval gunfire. He spent most of the next 11 months in combat with G Company, 331st Infantry, 83rd Infantry.

My mom went in the next day, too, with the 110th Evac Hospital. She was an Army nurse and saw a lot of what was exacts on mankind.

It’s their memory, their commitment, their blood, sweat and, sometimes, tears and those of the millions who served whom we should remember today.

At the same time, we should say a prayer of thanks for giving us the freedoms we enjoy today. There was an evil in their world, and they damned well took care of it, then came home and didn’t ask for a whole lot in return, at least I never heard any of them – and there were lots of WWII veterans when I was growing up – ask for anything more than a chance to live their lives in peace.

Let’s remember them and their families.

Wow, double wow!

Team Valenciano did it again, and broke their own record for a five-mangrove snapper catch over the weekend in the 12th Catholic High Alumni Fishing Rodeo.

“Papa” Rudy Valenciano led the five-man team to a five-mangrove total of 57.42 pounds — four pounds more than their previous record — in another dominating Mangrove “calcutta” win.

If they keep this up, nobody is going to enter against them in future rodeos.