With springlike conditions taking hold across the southern parishes, it’s difficult to believe speckled trout won’t bite, but the species that dominates coastal catches haven’t been in the mood. At least not yet.

Redfish dominate catches in the marshes and protected waters along the coast. But if there was ever a day to try to find big trout along the barriers islands, this is it. After northerly winds blow through Friday after a rainy cold front passes overnight, the fronts of the islands slick over and with Saturday’s 10-knot east winds and a forecast of “one-foot or less” seas, it’s possible to follow the hints from old-timers that heavier trout do, in fact, move into these locations in early March. It takes only the hint of near-calm condition for trout hanging around the rocks off East Timbalier and most of the rock jetties to move in a feed under an obliging moon phase and bright, sunshiny days.

For bass, it’s time for a road trip. Toledo Bend isn’t all that good on post-cold front north winds, but the action there has been off-the-charts good and should stay that way for the next weeks and months.


Overnight rains brought a cold front that will linger through Monday, then give way to a low-pressure system early next week. Expect 10-15 knot north winds Friday, shifting to lighter easterly winds Saturday, then 5-15 knot east winds (and a bit rougher conditions) Sunday. Expect near 50 to lower 70s temperature ranges through the weekend.

The Mississippi and Atchafalaya rivers are rising. The Florida Parishes rivers are on slow falls.


With water falling in the Pearl River, there’s no better time to look for prespawn bass in the canals and smaller creeks and will move from heavy current to the places with the lowest current flow they can find. Most times that’s against sunlight banks. Soft-plastic “creature” lures, black/gold jerkbaits in off-color water and some topwaters work.

Bass and sac-a-lait have moved to spawning areas in canals and on the western banks of lakes in the Verret Basin, and there continues to be a solid run on bass, sac-a-lait, chinquapin and bluegill in canals and shallow bends of bayous south of Bayou Black Marina.

The coast

On 10-15 knot east winds and 1-2 foot seas, Saturday looks to be prime time to get a snapper trip together. Snapper have been taken from depths as shallow as 35 feet around platforms and under buoys on the east side of the Mississippi River and from the shoals in the Ship Shoal area. Although there haven’t been reports, action like this should also show up at the Sandy Point rigs.

Redfish and small trout are coming from The Wall and down into the MRGO. Try the northern end of the The Causeway Saturday for a heavier trout and redfish.