Under our sweltering summer sun, it’s difficult to believe hunting seasons are approaching, but they are, and the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries has opened up the application process for numerous lottery deer and waterfowl hunts.

There’s not enough room on the page to outline all these opportunities for the 2019-2020 hunting season: there are youth hunts, opportunities for disabled hunters to get in deer and waterfowl blinds, and others open to our state’s hunting community.

All hunts are on selected wildlife management areas — a handful on State Parks properties — and there are what’s described as “general waterfowl lottery hunts” on the Sherburne WMA.

For young hunters, there are deer and waterfowl lotteries for boys and girls ages 10-17. If you’re 9 years old, you can apply, through parents or guardians, as long as you will be 10 by the time the hunt is held.

Details, including hunting dates, for each hunt is outlined on the application. As a rule, application deadlines for all lottery deer hunts is Aug. 31 and Sept. 28 for lottery waterfowl hunts. You must send $5 with each application.

Applications are available at LDWF field offices, the state office in Baton Rouge and printable from the agency’s website: wlf.louisiana.gov/hunting/lottery hunts.

Need more, call David Hayden at (318) 487-5885/email: dhayden@wlf.la.gov or Steve Smith at ssmith@wlf.la.gov.

Joe Macaluso