Guess if you want to leave Mother Nature a Christmas gift, we need to think about that lump-of-coal thing for her stocking. She’s been very naughty this week.

We need sun, if only to get the bait stirred up beyond the wind and rain that’s been with us for far too long, and will be with us for the next several days.

Because we haven’t endured this kind of “winter” weather in a long, long time, it’s difficult to predict how speckled trout, redfish, bass and sac-a-lait will react to warm and rainy conditions and these prevailing southeast winds.

The best bet is to work inside waters. Delacroix, Hopedale, the Golden Meadow and Theriot areas produced trout and redfish earlier this week. But who knows what will happen until the next cold front sweeps in Sunday into Monday.


No sunny days until Tuesday, and that’s after four days of rain and thunderstorms Friday through Monday. A not-so-cold front moved in late Wednesday, but the forecast is for it to turn into a low-pressure system and push back north Friday and bring 10-15 knot southeast winds through Saturday before bumping up to 15-25 knots Sunday into Monday. Expect temperatures to hover in the 70s before a front drops south Louisiana into the 50s Monday.

The Mississippi and Atchafalaya rivers are running high for this time of year, but they are on a slow fall. Expect the Florida Parishes rivers to bump up after these rains, and the Pearl River already is on a hard rise.


About the only decent shots for bass are in the Verret Basin, Lac des Allemands canals and Delacroix, but only where you can find decently clear water. Try buzzbaits, spinnerbaits and shallow-running shad-colored crankbaits and gold/black jerkbaits.

There is some action on bass (jerkbaits and crawfish imitations) and sac-a-lait (black/chartreuse tubes) in the Bayou April/30-Inch Canal area in the Atchafalaya.

Along the coast

This is where sending you to the water gets tricky.

First-rate trout reports came from the The Wall, the MRGO, Little Lake and Alligator Pass near Delacroix launches, and Hopedale earlier this week under much the same conditions predicted for the coming days, but southeast winds, choppy inside conditions and rain followed last weekend’s strongest cold front of the season.

Warmer temps brought baitfish and shrimp from the bottom and the trout and redfish came off the bottom to eat. Similar reports came from Golden Meadow (Sulphur Mine Lake) and Theriot (drains and points in canals and off small lakes).

There was no one-best lure, but black/chartreuse, Opening Night, avocado/red glitter and Blue Moon colors produced the best catches.