Unless you have a deep affinity for being on the water in strong winds and rainy conditions, this might be the weekend to stay home, take care of a few chores and get your tackle ready for much better days to come.

Throw in a chance of lightning Sunday, and that leaves a few hours in the next days to be safely on the water.


Between Friday and Sunday, expect mostly 15-25 knot winds first from the southeast, then south, southwest and then north with rain and thunderstorms entering the picture Saturday and lingering into Monday. And the winds will whip up extra choppy conditions in the interior marshes and lakes, and rough up coastal and offshore waters.

Saturday’s high will climb into the 70s, but temperatures will be lower Sunday into Wednesday.

The Mississippi and Atchafalaya rivers are falling.


Saturday morning is the only window for bass, sac-a-lait and catfish catchers to hit the Atchafalaya Spillway, the Verret Basin and the marshes south of U.S. 90 for what has been first-rate action on these species.

The downer Saturday will be strong south winds that swell water levels. But with the fish reacting to several sunshiny days and overall warmer water temperatures, those conditions likely will not put a crimp into the moves to the banks for spawning and prespawning activities for these species.

East-west running canals should offer the action: The sun stays longer on the north banks of these canals, and you should be able to stay in calmer water, which will allow you to keep jigs and creature baits for bass and tube jigs for sac-a-lait in the strike zone longer.

If you can find canals pushing water into bayous or sloughs pushing water into deeper-water spots, then work your favorite catfish bait for blue and blue channel cats.

Delacroix will afford action on bass and redfish in grass beds, on points and in canals. High winds will put the big lakes off-limits. Bass and redfish are taking swimbaits, weedless gold spoons (over the heaviest grass), and black/chartreuse, opening night/chartreuse colors in soft plastics worked under a poppin’ cork.

Along the coast

Wind will be the problem Saturday. Most of the best action on speckled trout lately has come from drifts along banks, grass beds, shell beds and oyster reefs in the larger lakes from Delacroix (Little Lake) west across the Mississippi River to Cocodrie (Lake Boudreaux) and Theriot (Lake De Cade) and even around reefs in the northern reaches of Vermilion Bay.

If you’re heading to the coast, south winds will push water back into ponds and small lakes. Look for redfish there and use black/chartreuse plastics on a heavy-wire spinnerbaits, gold spoons or work weedless swimbaits along the grass.