Football season — already!

But what that means is hunting season is here, too.

For dove hunters, the season opens Sept. 6, so this is the last weekend to make sure all is in order. That means hauling out the shotgun, cleaning any rust and residue from last year, making sure the shell bucket is cleared of 2013’s remnants, and checking your favorite camouflage clothing is wearable. (You might have put on a few pounds since February, and a week from Friday isn’t the time to find out you can’t button your favorite shirt.)

We all know somebody, if it’s not us, whose shotgun wouldn’t cycle in a dove field on opening day, and that brings back a story David Reynerson told about working in his gunsmithing shop in Central years ago.

Reynerson said a hunter showed up with a shotgun and a disgusted look on his face the Monday after the dove opener. Something was wrong, and when Reynerson broke the gun down, he found a twig, four duck feathers and enough dirt in the chamber to plant a row of beans — and rust.

Rust demanded a new part, then a thorough cleaning got the guy back in the field for the next weekend, but at a price the hunter could have avoided by cleaning his shotgun after the previous season.

Check shells, too. Make sure the months haven’t corroded primers and heat hasn’t warped the shells.

The good new for hunters is that the state’s annual Friday-through-Sunday Second Amendment Weekend comes around Sept. 4-6, so waiting to buy new shells, new camo, boots, shell bucket or any hunting equipment could save you a few dollars in state and local taxes.

And it’s not too early to think about the Sept. 13 opening of the 16-day teal season. Anything dealing with hunting falls under the Second Amendment Weekend privilege.

The Advocate’s special Outdoors Louisiana section runs Sunday and will have complete hunting dates, limits and outlooks for resident game and migratory seasons.