What more can 2020 bring?

Are we 20 years too late for Y2K?

When’s the last time we had a week of 90-degree temperatures and constant north winds?

And, how many years running is this for an unusually high Mississippi River?

Now, as if COVID-19 isn’t enough to alter our entire lives, we have two hurricanes bearing down on the Gulf Coast at the same time!

Is whomever wrote the script for this year trying for a job in the next Stephen King movie?

OK, so let’s hear a collective cry “UNCLE!”

Consider this

Once again fishermen and boaters should consider what the folks in the coastal parishes will face this week.

Even if these storms don’t produce the kind of impact we saw in 1956, 1965, 1969, 1992, 2005 and 2008, our coast is not as resilient as it was for any of those tragic hurricanes.

Because the swath of these two systems will envelop our entire coast — there will be storm surge and rising water far inland — we should give those folks in the paths of those surges and flood waters a little space and time to recover before we head into their domains.

Beyond that, we fishermen and duck hunters should pray these storms wreck little damage on our marshes and waterways.

There’s no reason to remind sportsmen that it’s summer and because there’s so much warm water everywhere, it’s easy to remember the damage Hurricane Andrew wrought in the Atchafalaya and Verret basins. Also remember the dead fish that cover bayous and rivers in the wake of most storms striking our coastal areas.


The storms will wash away all reports from the past 10 days.

Maybe it’s a good thing Wildlife and Fisheries ended the red snapper season. Otherwise, some foolhardy souls would’ve tried to brave steadily increasing seas over this weekend.

The LDWF didn’t post LA Creel numbers on red snapper Thursday, and is waiting for the last Aug. 7-9 weekend numbers to let us know how we stand regarding this year’s quota.

As of last counting, we were at 85% of the 784,332-pound quota, and needed time for the LDWF’s staff to figure out if there were any pounds remaining for a possible extended season.

Shrimp delay

There’s a delay in the opening of the fall inshore shrimp season in two areas previously scheduled to open Monday.

Because more small white shrimp moved into the Biloxi Marsh and Mermentau River Basin areas during the past two weeks, the Wildlife and Fisheries’ shrimp team asked for a delay, and LDWF secretary Jack Montoucet signed off on a 6 p.m. Sept. 11 opening for both areas.

Full speed ahead

It’s likely the two tropical systems will affect the action for Saturday’s 6th annual Ascension Area Anglers Open Team bass tournament. It’s set to haul out from both Belle River and Atchafalaya landings at Doiron’s in Stephensville.

We’ll have to wait to find out if the storms have a positive or a negative effect.

Anyway, money raised from raffles and food sales go to the Louisiana guys who’ve qualified fore the BASS Nation Championship along with local charities like Anything Outdoors and Fishing for Tucker. Check out the calendar for details.

Oops/doves, deer

Last Sunday’s Advocate Outdoors’ report about the upcoming dove season stirred up some folks to the point where a couple of avid readers emailed their concerns about dates for the North Zone.

Their notes advised that the report indicated the zone’s third split ended Jan. 24 and the LDWF’s 2020-2021 hunting seasons pamphlet indicated the season ended Jan. 2.

Turns out Advocate Outdoors was correct, and the LDWF sent out an advisory indicating the dates have been changed on the agency’s website.

Anyway, here are the dove season hunting splits: South Zone, Sept. 5-16, Oct. 17-Nov. 29 & Dec. 19-Jan. 21; North Zone, Sept. 5-27, Oct. 10-Nov. 15 & Dec. 26-Jan. 24.

Another error in the hunting pamphlet, this one for the “with/without dogs” deer season in State Deer Area 10 (the southwestern parishes) also has been corrected, because there is no “dog season” in Area 10.