Weekly tidal ranges for Shell Beach at Lake Borgne, South Pass of the Mississippi River, Grand Isle at Caminada Pass and Caillou Boca south of Cocodrie:

;Shell Beach;South Pass;Grand Isle;Caillou Boca


Fri.;1:10a (1.7);11:18a;8:03p (1.6);5:52a;9:35p (1.2);7:32a;9:55p (1.7);8:08a

Sat.;1:41a (1.8);12:12p;8:41p (1.6);6:46a;10:17p (1.2);8:25a;10:37p (1.7);9:01a

Sun.;2:24a (1.8);1:23p;9:24p (1.7);7:44a;11:04p (1.2);9:22a;11:24p (1.8);9:58a

Mon.;3:14a (1.9);2:25p;10:09p (1.6);8:44a;11:52p (1.2);10:21a;------;10:57a

Tue.;4:03a (1.8);3:19p;10:55p (1.5);9:44a;------;11:19a;12:12a (1.7);11:55a

Wed.;4:47a (1.7);4:15p;11:40p (1.3);10:40a;12:40a (1.1);12:13a;1:00a (1.6);12:49p

Thu.;5:30a (1.5);5:00p;------;11:28a;1:24a (1.0);1:00a;1:44a (1.4);1:36p

MOON PHASES: Full, Nov. 22; Last Quarter, Nov. 29; New, Dec. 7; First Quarter, Dec. 15

R means tidal range in feet. An 'a' after time means a.m.; a 'p' after time means p.m. Times are Central Daylight. For tides at other Louisiana locations, go to Website: tidesandcurrents.noaa.gov