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Advocate file photo of motorboats gathering by Morrison Parkway in New Roads during the 36th annual 4th of the July Boat parade.

Boat owners across Louisiana had a lump of coal awaiting them Christmas Day.

It came in the form of an increase in their motorboat registration fees — it’s going up $9 across the board, no matter the length of the vessel.

So, if you have a 14-foot bateau, the fees will go from $23 to $32. If you have one of those shiny 24-foot bay boats, the fee moves from $47 to $56. It’s up to $82 for 38-footers and for boats longer than 38 feet, the fee adds $2 per foot to the $82 fee, the same as it was before the increase.

The fees apply to new boat and registration renewals. If you have a current (and valid) registration, the increase will hit you when you renew the registration.

Boat registrations run for three years and the hike is the result of Act 698 from this year’s Legislative Session. The act dedicates the increase to funding Wildlife and Fisheries’ Aquatic Plant Control Fund to help battle invasive aquatic species across the state.

We can only hope to see less water hyacinth across south Louisiana, and, hopefully, fewer massive hydrilla mats in our freshwater and brackish-water areas.

If you need more information, call the LDWF’s Licensing Section at (225) 765-2898.