The action is terrific, but winds will not give us the best chances to get after speckled trout in the open-water areas.

The interior marshes, the rivers and the Atchafalaya Spillway are hot spots, so we might not need to get into Lake Pontchartrain and the coastal bays to bring home enough of a catch for a healthy fish fry to celebrate wins over Mississippi State, Alabama State and those Dirty Birds from Atlanta.


Rains are in Monday’s forecast, but before that, the front will move to the east and bring 10-20 knot southeast winds to south Louisiana. That means 2-4 foot seas in open lakes and bays and 4-7 foot offshore pounders.

Expect the winds to swell water levels in the interior marshes on the east side of the Mississippi River, which like the Atchafalaya River is on the rise after heavy rains in the Ohio River basin are predicted to raise water levels for the next 10 days.

Temperatures will moderate through the weekend (lows in the 50s, highs in the 70s) before Monday’s rain heralds the arrival of another cold front.

The coast

Trout moved to The Causeway last week, but 2-3 foot waves will make is bumpy for the weekend there and in the three-bridge area.

Trout have moved into the Delacroix, Hopedale, Shell Beach waters and are feeding on what shrimp are left in the marshes. The rising waters should push trout into the Lake Robin, Stump Lagoon and other almost identical spots. While live bait is working, a variety of soft plastics under a cork should be good enough to take limits or near limits. Rising water levels mean redfish likely will be cruising the edges of the marshes before they head to runouts and points when the north winds arrive late Monday and Tuesday.

Head north of Grand Isle (Bay Rambo area in Barataria Bay) for easy limits of reds with some specks and white trout (look for birds or moving water) and work them with soft plastics and topwaters. During the last week, reds are gorging on cocahoe minnows.

Some trout have moved into Sulphur Mine Lake near Golden Meadow, but it appears the best action is still at least two cold fronts away. There are some trout showing up in Catfish Lake.


Bass are on fire in the Atchafalaya. Big and Little Pigeon, the Reed Canal area and bayous and canals south into the Old River area are giving up as many as 50 bass a day. Spinnerbaits (chartreuse/white/blue or char/white) in 3/16 and 1/4 ounce sizes cast around wood are the most productive pattern. When the sun comes out, bass move to heavy cover and Zoom Flukes and other swimbaits, and the black/red Powerbait Chigger Craws worked on larger bass.

Earlier in the week, the only sac-a-lait action came on shiners worked around heavy brush in the Spillway’s midsection (Pigeons, Grand Lake, Bayou Mallet).

Marsh bass catches solid on spinnerbaits and worms.