The Masters egg salad sandwich (with potato chips and iced tea in a 2019 souvenir cup) has legions of devotees among the tournament's patrons.

Editor's note: During this unprecedented Masters week in November, we've been reprising our reviews of the seven Masters sandwiches from what was supposed to be Masters week in April. Truly a tradition unlike any other:

There are two kinds of people in the world, or at least in the world of the Masters tournament.

No, not dog and cat people, though that always counts. At the Masters, there are pimento cheese sandwich people and egg salad sandwich people.

On the menu board in front of the concession stands at Augusta National Golf Club, Egg Salad and Pimento Cheese are at the top. To the left of those items are two little Masters logos, the flag planted on the yellow illustration of the United States that any serious golf fan could easily pick out of a lineup.

Why are they there? The educated guess is these are the signature sandwiches served at the Masters.

They also happen to be the cheapest: $1.50 each in 2019. All the better to stuff down mass quantities.

We started this unique Masters week Monday by recreating the pimento cheese, which happens to be my favorite, the one I grab as soon as I get to the press building to start the week. But pimento cheese, while it is the “taste” of the Masters for many, isn’t for everyone. There are legions devoted to the egg salad as well, though every year I go to Augusta I have one and try again in vain to figure out what all the fuss is about.

Still, as with dogs and cats, who can say who is really right?

Like the pimento cheese, the egg salad is elegant in its simplicity. White bread, egg salad (which consists of egg, mayonnaise and a modicum of seasoning), and that’s it. I added some yellow mustard to mine for a little oomph, but that’s not part of the original.

Here’s the entire list of sandwiches, with the 2019 prices. As the English say, you could have the lot for $16.50. So make one of these, have a glass of iced tea and toast to the fervent hope that the 2021 Masters will be played in April with the patrons roaring … between bites of their egg salad sandwiches.

Monday: Pimento cheese – $1.50

Tuesday: Bar-B-Que – $3

Wednesday: Classic chicken sandwich – $3

Thursday: Masters Club – $2.50

Friday: Ham & cheese on rye – $2.50

Saturday: Turkey & cheese on wheat – $2.50

Sunday: Egg salad – $1.50

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