Southern running back Devon Benn (2) tries to gain control of the ball during the first half of Troy on Saturday Sept. 4, 2021.

1. What we learned

Southern may not be as bad as the 55-3 final score, but Troy is perhaps better than anyone thought. It’s also apparent that the Jaguars go as Ladarius Skelton goes, and he had a miserable night. Right behind him was a Jaguars defense that stopped Troy only once when the game was still in doubt. Three missing starters and a couple of key injuries before the game didn't soften the fall.

2. Trending now

There were a few high points. Freshman receiver Tyler Kirkwood made some nice catches. Tailbacks Devon Benn and Craig Nelson ran the ball well at times, and defensive lineman Davin Cotton made a big play with an interception to slow down the onslaught. It’s been a tough year working around the COVID-19 pandemic, and it might take the Jaguars time to find their identity.

Southern coach Jason Rollins keeps nose to the grindstone. He's not thinking about his big debut

3. Final thoughts

Welcome to the world of college head football coaches, Jason Rollins. It’s not a big surprise to the veteran assistant that nobody feels sorry for the losing team. Sunday begins the process of coming up with answers and making a new set of decisions on his team, and it will continue for the next 12 weeks. Southern still has plenty to be excited about this season, with a veteran squad with a lot to play for. Flush it and move forward.