Southern University Devon Benn (2) fights off a defender from Valley during the Southern University vs Mississippi Valley football game at Mississippi Veterans Memorial Stadium in Jackson,MS on September 26,2021. (Photo by Jared Thomas)

What we learned

The Jaguars have offensive weapons galore and the capability to ring up yards and points in winning 38-25. But finishing the game is still an issue on offense, defense and special teams. Southern won decisively but not necessarily comfortably. It muffed a couple of chances to put the game away in the fourth quarter, including a bizarrely-timed attempted fake punt. The good news is they survived with an open date next weekend; the bad news is some players are going to catch an earful in the team meeting rooms.


It’s Bubba McDaniel time. The last time he subbed in for Ladarius Skelton, the Jaguars got their only victory. This time, he rained touchdown passes (five) on the opposition, and to five different receivers. McDaniel exhibits better pocket presence than Skelton and moves around confidently to find a way to get the passes off. He had a couple of passes dropped, which could have padded his completion total. He seems perfect for Southern’s offensive style, sucking the defense in and hitting them over the top.

Final thoughts

It appears this time Southern is going to move ahead without Skelton as the quarterback, although a lot can happen with an off week. The Jaguar offense looks more consistent and smooth-running with McDaniel, even if it gives up some athletic ability and dual threat capability. The defense still has some work to do on its tackling, but made enough plays, including a deal-sealer at the end on the fourth-down sack.