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VALPARAISO — A 22-year-old Valparaiso man is charged with possessing child pornography after turning himself in. His phone locked up with a warning purporting to be from the FBI after he attempted to download a pornographic video, police said.

Joseph Hanvey told police as he attempted to download the pornographic video involving a child or children at 2 a.m. Wednesday, a message came on his phone stating the video and phone were monitored by the FBI, police said.

Hanvey said his phone then shut down and he was unable to turn it back on. He said he drove around the city for the next two hours looking for a police officer to talk to before showing up at the station.

He admitted to viewing several images of child pornography and saved several to his phone, police said.

Police said they recognized the "FBI" disclaimer as a common computer virus rather than an official notice from the FBI. The virus typically causes an electronic device to lock up until the user makes some sort of payment via a gift or credit card, police said.

Police said they recovered several images of child pornography from Hanvey's phone.

Hanvey is charged with a single felony charge of possessing child pornography.

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