The Gris Gris Lab_lowres

Gris Gris Lab houses an art gallery, healing space and community garden.

The Gris Gris Lab (2245 Brainard St., 872-0577; is a place where clients can embrace their creative potential, says founder and director Gia Hamilton. Hamilton created the art, fashion, spiritual product and herb retailer to uplift her community.

  "The Lab is a creative space where many can come in groups or as individuals to change their perspective of themselves ... and their own creative impetus," says Hamilton, an herbalist, midwife and cultural anthropologist.

  Offering a lifestyle design service, Gris Gris Lab utilizes art, urban agriculture, healing modalities and consulting — what Hamilton refers to as "social magic" — to affect change on individual and group levels. "Social magic is this process we use to foster creativity and heal ourselves using various tools," Hamilton says.

  The Lab provides patrons with inspiration and guidance to be the best versions of themselves through programs like Food Justice, an urban farming class, and the Fashion Lab, which encourages confident self-expression through clothing.

  "Creativity is a real factor when talking about healing," Hamilton says. "One of the creative labs is the Fashion Lab. We're tapping into people's authentic selves.

   We help people to re-invent themselves in the most fun and authentic way through our healing lab, creativity lab and education lab. It's OK to find your niche, and that's what we're doing — helping people find their niche in the world." — Darnell