Photos by Kaela Rodehorst & Crawford Carroll

When she launched her boutique in 2004, stylist Jenny Carr named it after her belief that dressing well should be a snap. She sold SNAP in 2012, but she brings the same philosophy to The Coveted Life (, a business and blog that includes closet organizing, wardrobe building and styling.

  "When I had my store, my clients were constantly asking for my help with their wardrobes and closets, so I started helping in an informal way — packing for a trip or helping them fill in with new things," Carr says. "Once I had my son and sold SNAP, I found a lot of my clients had a major need for stylist and organizing help, so I started that full-time along with my blog."

  After a consultation, Carr assesses the client's wardrobe, helps purge unwanted items, shops for new pieces and creates accessorized outfits. Packages range from simple (one that includes a list of essential buys) to in-depth (home visits and a personalized lookbook with photos of the client's newly styled outfits and inspirational celebrity images). Carr also helps clients create custom walk-in closets. "It all depends on the budget," she says.

  The constant in Carr's jobs is her love of fashion and her retail savvy.

  "The Coveted Life [was named] for that girl who wants everything that's coveted: being organized, well dressed, well traveled," Carr says. Though her top picks change with the season, she recommends starting with a capsule collection of essentials for 2015.

The must-haves:

Blazers – Carr suggests one in black, one in white and a third in navy or blush. "Wear them with skinny jeans for a sharp look or with a plaid scarf and boyfriend jeans for a casual look."

Moto jacket – Preferably a black one. "Throw it over a cocktail dress or wear it with your skinny jeans and a pair of heels," Carr says.

Denim – A pair of skinny jeans and a pair of boyfriend jeans. "That way you have a sleek,dressy jean for going out or to wear with flats and a boyfriend jean for comfort."

Anything leopard – Pumps, a purse or a coat are all great ways to punch up solids like black.

Jean jacket – A jean jacket can dress down a cocktail dress or pair with casual items like sweatpants.

V-necks – Carr recommends James Perse V-necks in basic colors like white, gray, black and blush (an important color this season) as a closet staple. V-neck tees by Current Elliott are a favorite.

Stripes – Striped cardigans and V-neck shirts can be paired with lots of things.

Plaid – "Whether it's a silk T-shirt, a pencil skirt, a cardigan, or a blazer, all of these are a great way to incorporate plaid into your wardrobe. And plaid looks great with leopard, stripes or leather."

Leather – "Whether you're a jean person or a pencil skirt person, you want some leather to mix with all your pieces," Carr says.

How to make the most of the must-haves

Think of price per wear

"My strategy for getting the most out of your wardrobe [cost-wise] is to think of price per wear, not price per item. Buy what you like; then you'll get your money's worth, regardless of price."

Mix it up

"If you have a pair of boyfriend jeans, toss on a floral, feminine top and super sexy stilettos. Mix things like androgynous and sexy, and understated with a statement piece."


"Throw on a great crystal necklace with pearl earrings, some bangles and a scarf. It completely takes your outfit from just so-so to totally on point."