Budget-conscious nail art fans can do this simple home manicure by matching nail polish and glitter colors. Gandy recommends Girlactic Glitter, a fine glitter that easily adheres to nails. "I like to stick to color combinations like gold (polish) and gold (glitter), or white (polish) and opal (glitter)," Gandy says. "Red (polish) and red (glitter) make your fingers look like ruby slippers. They are gorgeous."

1. Clean your nails and swab them with alcohol to remove oils.

2. Lightly buff the nails with a nail buffer. Apply a base coat and follow with two coats of color.

3. Decide how sparkly you want to be. If you want as much sparkle as possible, dip your nail directly into a pot of Girlactic Glitter. If you want a light sparkle, drizzle glitter over the nails.

4. Apply a top coat to make the manicure last longer, or skip it for a more intensely glittery, but shorter-lived (two to three days), look.