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Kate Lalla


How do you pick your outfits?

I love to tear pictures out of magazines and browse Pinterest. If I need a particular piece, I call Aimee and Corrie with ALG Style. They can find anything.

What's your color strategy?

Neutrals — white, black, gray and nude. I keep it classic and clean.

Where do you shop locally?

Angelique Boutique and Angelique Shoe. Angelique Weiser, Heather Catalanotto and their staff have a great eye and are always enjoyable to shop with.

How do you express yourself in the workplace?

I gravitate toward statement necklaces. They can dress up a sleek monochromatic look for the office and add fun for lunch or drinks after work.

How does your job influence your outfit choices?

I learned that looking "together" matters. I feel confident when I look polished. A hot mess lawyer is not a good look.

What do you love about what you're wearing in this photo?

The pants. They're by Getting Back to Square One, which is my current favorite brand.

Anything else you want people to know?

If you have a career that requires a bit of style restraint during the week, let loose on the weekends. I suggest planning a date so you can wear that fun outfit and look forward to it all week.

Dr. Samira L. Brown Section Head of General Academic Pediatrics at Ochsner for Children

Do you have a particular style?

I try to be conservative and professional when I'm working with families, and wear something that's easy to examine kids in. A lot of our exams are very active and mobile, so you have to be balanced when you're doing exams and leaning over kids.

How do shoes play into that?

I wear a lot of flats or knee-high boots, and in the office, I'll do a kitten heel. When I know I'll be on my feet for extended hours, I wear compression hose. I pick flats with a little bit of character. I have silver flats that spice up an outfit.

How do you pick your outfits?

I try to change things up. I have a lot of versatile pieces — blazers, cardigans I can throw on with pants and a top or over a sheath dress. [These layers] keep me warm during the day and also help me transition from clinic to my administrator role.

Any workplace fashion advice?

Have fun, but wear things that you feel comfortable in. I don't take fashion rules too seriously. If I feel good in it, that's it for me.

What's your color strategy?

I tend to love blues, blacks, purples and grays.

Favorite local shop?

Clover Boutique

Alejandra Rosales, Instructor at Crescent City Pilates

How do you describe your style?

Classic with a modern twist.

How do you pick

your outfits?

My outfits come together very naturally, without much thought actually. I love what's comfortable and colorful, that is a reflection of my personality but also is respectful to my clients. I love to be a little different and edgy.

What's your color strategy?

I love all colors.

What are your favorite spots to shop?

Clover, Angelique Boutique, Victoria and Pied Nu. For exercise clothes, Basics Swim & Gym and Freret Street Yoga.

Any fashion advice?

Stay true to you, but also be expressive and chic.