From the Editor_lowres


This month's cover story features the Garden District home of Christa and Matt Schwartz. What I find most striking about the home's interior is all the light-colored carpets and surfaces — the Schwartzes have three small children and their bravery despite all the potential spills, messes and cringe-inducing "oops" moments is noteworthy. If only we all could be so bold.

 Speaking of bold, the unfinished stone jewelry featured in this month's fashion column makes statements that can't be ignored. Fall's hottest jewelry trend is adorning yourself with audacious agates, jarring jaspers and conspicuous quartzes that project raw power, and (according to one of the designers) gives you an energy boost to boot.

 Aimee Carr of Voodoo Makeup shares tips on how to get a daringly merry look for the holiday parties that will soon fill our social calendars. Teaser: it involves icing. Do try this at home.

 We're coming down from the high of our first real cold front and temperatures are on the rise again. Only in New Orleans can we experience all four seasons in one day, and Kaitlyn Tufts and Lindsay Laws of Uptown's Lucy Rose boutique dole out advice on how to dress appropriately. It can be done — and well, especially if you follow their lead on punching up wardrobe basics with striking patterns. Lindsay loves leopard!

 Yours in peace, love and fearlessness,

Katherine M. Johnson