Samba Red

Whether he's wearing a red velvet blazer at a holiday function or mixed plaids at a taping of WLAE's Chet Chat, interior designer Chet Pourciau ( always cuts a stylish figure. It's not surprising considering the world of fashion and the world of interior design are subject to many of the same influences. This fall, many of the most exciting trends on the runway are showing up in homes as well. Pourciau explains his top five design picks for fall.

As dramatic as the Brazilian dance for which this color is named, Samba Red evokes a sense of passion and energy. As one of Pantone's colors of the year for 2013, Samba Red brightens any room and makes a powerful and dramatic statement.

Samba Red Tip: Add Samba Red through artwork and accent pillows. You also can cover seat cushions with this bold color.


Brass helps "kick it up a notch" in any space. It is timeless yet very affordable. I love the way brass adds a sleek, chic feel to a living space. In some instances, it can add an industrial edge as well.

Brass Tip: Add brass to your home decor with strategically placed picture frames, a nice mirror, side lamp or desk lamp.


Plaid is an iconic preppy print and a bold accent. Pair plaid with leather, metallics or stainless steel for a style that meshes nicely in both traditional and contemporary spaces.

Plaid Tip: Not ready for a huge plaid commitment? Use a plaid throw rug to complement a room.


It's not just for your grandmother's doilies anymore. Lace is making a big comeback on the fashion runways and in interior decor, incorporated in furniture patterns, on the walls, as upholstery, bedding accents and more. Whether you choose to go with actual lace or a lace stencil or pattern, this design pick is on the rise.

Lace Tip: Incorporate lace on wallpaper, upholstery and bedding. You can also layer a brightly colored tablecloth with a lace tablecloth.

Mixing Patterns

Mixed patterns are a hot trend on the runway and in the home. Just have fun with it. There are no rules when it comes to mixing patterns, but it does take some practice to come up with the right mix to make your space complete. Experiment with bold patterns such as stripes, florals, small checks, plaids, animal prints and more.

Mixing Patterns Tip: Not sure where to begin? Try to establish one main color and go from there. The sky's the limit.