New: Heathcock Jewelry_lowres


Heathcock ( was born when designer Ashley Heathcock needed a bold accessory to pair with a simple wedding reception outfit.

  "I had this tiny skull that some- one had given me," Heathcock says. "I was wearing a simple but classic outfit, so I needed a 'wow' piece. So I sewed it on and I got a lot of compliments."

  Heathcock jewelry launched last month. The line includes bolo ties, earrings, necklaces and necklace and brooch combinations.   

  "The price point starts at $75 and the highest item is $220 at the moment," says Heathcock, who has worked in the costume department for films and TV shows ranging from Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and American Horror Story to Treme and 22 Jump Street.

  Mixed textures make the jewelry line both edgy and wearable.

  "The inspiration is [the] high-fashion Moto world (biker-inspired fashion)," Heathcock says. "[I] like mixing the things I love, like fashion and vintage motorcycles and the culture that comes with that. [It's] a little rock 'n' roll."

  The Heathcock customer also is inspired by high fashion.

  "She's into fashion but she's [also] into herself," Heathcock says. "She's not going to follow any rules."

  Next on Heathcock's radar is clothing.

  "There's this Moto shawl I designed for a competition," Heathcock says. "Since I put it out there in the world, it's gotten a lot of feedback. So I think that's a great first piece. It'll fit sizes 2 through 12 because it sits on your shoulders."