Wear + where: Emily Shaya, owner of Prete A Fete_lowres


Chef Alon Shaya is your husband. But we've heard your cooking is pretty good, too. What's your favorite thing to cook?

I make red beans and rice on Mondays — that's my go-to dish. I really love to make roast chicken and vegetables, too, and other simple dishes. Alon likes simple.

How do you find items for Pret a Fete's inventory?

I go to a lot of estate sales, and there are a few antique shops that I visit regularly. I also go to flea markets and thrift stores. ... Abigail [Willets] of Cut Twice [Fabrication & Design] does lot of refinishing for me. Things don't always come in perfect condition, or if it's out of fashion she'll revamp it. She's also built bars for me.

What's the smallest, largest and most exotic thing customers can rent from you?

Rugs are small, but they make a huge difference at a party, especially in a lounge area. The largest is a gold arbor — you can use it as an entryway, or get married underneath it. ... The most exotic things are the antiques. I think antiques are cool because they've all been somewhere else before they make it to your party.

Does the style of Pret a Fete's pieces reflect your personal style?

Yes, it does. I (like) the vintage look when I dress. I love hats and long flowing skirts — anything that's comfortable to be in. (At home) we have a mix of vintage and modern furniture (like) antique buffets mixed with modern sofas and side tables.

What are your wardrobe staples?

I really like things that are comfortable yet structured, with unexpected details. ... I wear a lot of caftans, dresses and skirts. I also think any outfit can be made a lot more fun with a hat.

Where do you like to shop?

My go-to hat places are estate sales and Lili Vintage Boutique. I also like UAL — they have unique items for the price point. I love Billy Reid, Pilot and Powell (and Hattie Sparks).

What are you wearing to the Magnolia Ball?

I'm wearing a fun wrap skirt and a white structured top (from UAL). I have some fun shoes from Pilot and Powell that (make it) look like owl eyes are peeking out (from under my skirt). I'm wearing jewelry from Hiller Jewelry — something fun.