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Local Clean Air Lawn Care franchise owner Christopher Lynn.

Conventional landscaping companies often use harsh chemicals and pesticides, but the local Clean Air Lawn Care franchise (504-571-5611; is proving that you can go green when it comes to maintaining your outdoor space.

For individuals, families and pet owners concerned about the use of petrochemicals and who want to support sustainable businesses that work to limit environmental damage, Clean Air provides lawn and garden care using environmentally responsible methods. Its services include natural lawn care packages, customized services and free estimates.

Christopher Lynn, owner and manager of the local franchise, hails from Colorado Springs, Colorado, where he grew up with an appreciation for nature and the outdoors. After relocating to New Orleans (his wife is a native) by way of Houston, he established the local branch of the company (which is headquartered in Fort Collins, Colorado) in 2017. The company, founded in 2006 by Kelly Giard, has franchises around the country. Lynn’s operation has three employees, more than 80 accounts, two full-time crews and one part-time crew. They refer to themselves as “grassmasters.”

“All-electric, solar-powered lawn care didn't exist [in New Orleans] on a commercial level until Clean Air Lawn Care arrived,” Lynn says. The company’s website says that it helps prevent more than 23,000 pounds of lawn care pollution because its equipment runs on solar power stored in batteries. Lynn says the company’s use of battery-powered equipment reduces air and noise pollution and eliminates hazards associated with storing and handling gasoline.

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Clean Air Lawn Care’s lawn care equipment is powered by marine deep cycle batteries, eliminating both air and noise pollution.

Lawn care services include weed control and fertilization using natural and organic materials. Lynn says strictly organic, nontoxic treatment products are hard to find, but the company has a patented blend of pet- and family-safe fertilizers that promote strong root growth.

Lynn opened the franchise because he felt drawn to the “simple, innovative concept of solar power, plus the obvious use of organic products as a way to live in sync with our environment,” he said, adding, “Lawn care is ... perpetual and an avenue to make a living if you deliver reliable service and results.”

The company primarily services residential and small commercial properties, where, Lynn says, “quality and attention to detail are most important — and where loud, gas-powered machines are unwelcome.”

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