Wear + where: Robin Barnes and the Greek Festival 5k Race_lowres


Robin Barnes

singer-songwriter and designer

Tell us about yourself.

I'm a New Orleans native following her dreams of being a singer-songwriter. I started my fitness company FIT By You/Move Ya Brass after realizing how important health and happiness are. [Fitness] is so needed in New Orleans. Currently, we have a walk/run group that meets at 6 p.m. Mondays at the New Orleans Museum of Art, and a workout dance class at 6 p.m. Tuesdays at Crescent Park. Both are free.

How would you describe your personal style?

When I'm on stage, I'm always dressed up, usually in black with a pop of color. When I'm not performing, I like to be comfortable, so I wear activewear, usually a tank top or T-shirt and leggings.

What are you wearing to the Greek Festival race?

My favorite is the Move Ya Brass tank. I wear it everywhere, from festivals to working out. My Newton sneakers are from Varsity Sports, and the shorts are from lululemon at the Lakeside Shopping Center. As for sunglasses, I wear KREWE du Optic, and my lipstick is Kismet. I adore all shades of most lipsticks, but Kismet (which is local, holla!) is my go-to for nudes and dark reds.

Any tips for dressing for the Greek Fest 5K or similar races?

Plan where your cellphone is going to go, get your music playlist together and wear something light. Loose, Dri-FIT material won't get so funky when you sweat. I love the Greek Fest 5k, but learn from my mistake: don't eat all that delicious food before you run the race. Treat yourself after the race.

What's it like designing and running your apparel line?

It's really fun. It's similar to writing a song. I'll get inspired by something random and write the idea down. It allows me to visualize designs and draw them out (usually in stick-figure form), take them to a graphic designer like my friend Dung Nguyen, then, magic! I'm so lucky to have a team who is helping me grow Move Ya Brass. It's a huge learning experience, but if it were easier, it wouldn't be worth it.