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Dr. Kelly Burkenstock (right) performs a cosmetic procedure on a patient.

Drawing from her studies in anti-aging, skin rejuvenation and internal medicine, Dr. Kelly Burkenstock created Skin, Body, Health (2040 N. Causeway Blvd., Mandeville, 985-727-7676; 3841 Veterans Memorial Blvd.,Metairie, 504-888-2829;, a practice geared toward making patients feel younger and healthier. A board-certified internal medicine specialist with a fellowship in anti-aging and regenerative medicine, she improves clients' inner and outer health with state-of-the-art cosmetic procedures and health treatment plans.

  Burkenstock learned that general treatment plans don't work for every patient when her father died at a young age from diabetes. "I saw that a lot of the industry was focused on prescriptions that weren't helping everyone see a change," she says.

  To find alternatives, she traveled the world, studying with specialists in Germany, France, California and other places. She learned treatments affect people differently.

  In 1999, Burkenstock formed Skin, Body, Health. She treats skin conditions like scars, acne or liver spots, creates youthful appearances with Botox, dermal fillers and peels and creates plans to optimize patients' overall health. She offers vitamin supplements, hormone therapy, diabetes prevention and management and other services.

  "I focus on helping people feel beautiful on the inside and the outside," Burkenstock says. "Making them feel good is not just for their skin, but also their inner health."

  Burkenstock created her own beauty products, while incorporating new technologies to better understand what underlies each patient's health issues. She recently added DNA swabs to her diagnostic tools.

  "A DNA swab is taken from [the patient's] mouth and then sent off for DNA analysis [that] will tell ... what foods they should eat to help them lose weight," she says. "Many people will eat [the wrong diets] and actually gain weight because it's not the best for their body."

  Burkenstock understands each client is unique and wants to find the best treatment for his or her body type.

  "I get to know each of my patients individually ... and I work with them to create the best treatment plan," she says.