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Ecole Classique Principal David Federico says his school's goal is to see every student succeed.

Established in 1956, Ecole Classique (5236 Glendale St., Metairie, 504-887-3507) is a private, coed, non-denominational school founded to provide a college-prep education for students from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade.

  "All of the students are treated as individuals," says Ecole's high school principal David Federico. "The small school environment allows the administration and faculty to know all of the students and ... see to it that they succeed."

  Founder and headmaster Sal Federico — a teacher since 1945 — leads the school's administration, which includes his two sons and two daughters, who teach daily.

  "Our faculty is one of our biggest assets," David says. "Our teachers ... work together to make changes in the curriculum that they feel would benefit the students."

  David says Ecole Classique prides itself on working with all students regardless of race, religion or other factors. For students who have learning challenges, the school established the Freeman Learning Center 15 years ago.

  "On an elementary level, the learning center students work in a self-contained classroom with teachers who are qualified to work with students who have some type of learning difficulty," David says."The goal of the learning center is to see the students progress to the regular classroom environment."

  High school students with learning disabilities are enrolled in the regular college prep curriculum, but go to the learning center classroom for assistance with organization skills, tutoring and test taking.

  In addition to a college-prep education, the school offers its 400 students extracurricular clubs, such as drama, chess, art and languages, and there are no tryouts for athletics.

  "We are proud of the fact that Ecole Classique is a school for everyone and that everyone is allowed to become involved in school activities," David says.