Its original name, the Pythian Temple, sounds like something from the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark. Now rechristened The Pythian, the restored nine-story, circa 1909 building unveiled a commissioned mural of New Orleans civil rights lawyer A. P. Tureaud and his wife Lucille Dejoie Tureaud. … Read more

Louisiana was named after France's so-called "Sun King," Louis XIV, but the Crescent City is symbolized by the moon and its fluid lunar phases of dark and light. That alternation of dark and light also plays a role in Kaori Maeyama's mysteriously atmospheric paintings of city streets, docks … Read more

We spend much of our time in rooms and buildings, in places that support the professional and social relationships that enable us to lead meaningful lives. Our relationships with those buildings themselves are subtle, yet keen observers who have looked beyond their facades have noted how the… Read more

Almost lost amid the New Orleans Museum of Art's (NOMA) current exhibitions is a mini-expo of 10 prints by one of this city's most mysterious artists, E.J. Bellocq. An architectural and industrial photographer by trade, Bellocq attained legendary status as the result of a secret pursuit: his… Read more

The ghost of Johannes Gutenberg lives in the Lower 9th Ward. The 15th-century German inventor of movable type not only made the Bible widely available for the first time, but also everything else that has appeared in print ever since. Gutenberg's old technology survives today in the letterpr… Read more

This sprawling expo of more than 60 works at Stella Jones Gallery offers a multifaceted view of centuries of history as interpreted by more than two dozen black artists. The title is actually Made in Louisiana with the "in" scratched out to signify that these works reflect local sensibilitie… Read more

Have you ever dreamed you could fly over remote places that most people never see? Environmental photographer Ben Depp does that routinely in a flimsy motor-powered paraglider, soaring for hours above south Louisiana swamps in search of vivid views of our changing coastline. The otherworldly… Read more

The link between jazz and abstract modern art is rarely noted by most art writers and historians, yet it is inescapable, even in photography. Lee Friedlander has long been lauded for his photos of musicians, but his international fame as a great American art photographer rests on his paradox… Read more

Ocean currents travel in circles. Time also is a current, so here we are, contemplating New Orleans' 300th year as an urban island just upriver from a restless sea that threatens our existence even as it nourishes our identity as a unique global city. It is a poetic paradox elaborated by 15 … Read more

As a setting for an art event, the Crescent City Boxing Gym, located amid nondescript warehouses in an obscure part of Central City, seems unusual. Inside its well-lit expanse, Martin Payton's imposing steel sculptures and a wide array of smaller works by artists such as K.D. Lewis and Cecel… Read more