Debbie Fleming Caffery: Polly and The Sugarcane Landscape _lowres


It's hardly news that some artists create landscapes, but the influence of landscapes on artists is far less recognized. Debbie Fleming Caffery's photographs of sugarcane country seem so much a product of her south Louisiana roots that it's clear her work would be very different had she been from, say, Iowa; probably just as good, but maybe not as exotic. Even some of her human subjects seem like products of the land. She met Polly Joseph 22 years ago while walking along the levee and struck up a friendship that endured. "I was awestruck by her; her face was old but magnificent and she held her body regally. Going to Polly's was like being vacuumed into a feeling of security and warmth. ... I would rather have gone to her house than anyplace in those days."

Through July 23

Arthur Roger Gallery, 432 Julia St., 522-1999;