Shift : Exhibition of Hand-Pulled Prints by Teresa Cole_lowres


Come up and see my etchings? Once, prints were all about intimacy. Well, make that aesthetic intimacy. Most traditional prints were small, precise and realistic -- you had to get close to see what was going on. Over time, they got bigger and more abstract, and while still precise, the boundaries of printmaking expanded on a near-exponential scale. In that vein, Teresa Cole's distinctively abstract and often large prints have been called brief moments of the infinite that employ pattern and repetition as a kind of visual language. Tulane art historian Michael Plante says their patterns are taken from everyday life, but then, "imagery shifts, ideas configure and meaning takes shape. The text of shadows and chaos, patterning and order is captured and cropped, pictured and pulled through to the realm of art." -- D. Eric Bookhardt

Through January

Gallery Bienvenu, 518 Julia St., 525-0518;