Ad Lib Americana: Group Exhibition on the Subject of Liberty_lowres


"Freedom's just another word for ..." So went the old song -- or songs -- and you could pretty much fill in the blank depending on the artist and the era. "Liberty" sounds more formal and high minded, but it too has a whimsical side as we see in Ad Lib Americana at Jonathan Ferrara. Gallery Director Mia Kaplan calls it "an exhibition of artists who work with the 'nuts and bolts' of liberty," exploring relationships between freedom, information and advertising in works such as Robert Stickloon's Consumers and Their Stuff (pictured). Similarly, master printmaker Tom Huck investigates urban life and legends in his hometown of Potosi, Mo., in such maniacally detailed works as Anatomy of a Crack Shack. Of course, there's more, but you get the drift. Freedom is never free -- but easy terms are sometimes available. --;D. Eric Bookhardt

Through August

Jonathan Ferrara Gallery, 400 Julia St., 522-5471;