Spray painting on Orleans Avenue

Spray paint on the neutral ground of Orleans Avenue, where Krewe of Endymion paradegoers already are marking off their territory.

The Krewe of Endymion roll is nearly two weeks away โ€” but people already are spray-painting the neutral ground on Orleans Avenue in Mid-City, "claiming their spots" for the parade. Some have nicknamed them the Krewe of Chad, in tribute to the man who spray-painted his claim under that handle a few years back.

At a press conference last week announcing city preparation for Mardi Gras, Parks and Parkways Director Ann E. Macdonald said the city would be removing any tarps, ladders and other placeholders from sidewalks and neutral grounds, and also cautioned against using spray paint to claim space.ย 

Clearly that message hasn't resonated with everyone, including "Jason":

Orleans Avenue spray painting

Joe Giarrusso represents District A, which encompasses much of Endymion's Mid-City route. Asked if he was aware of the spray painting, he said, "Ah, you mean the Krewe of Chad?"

Tarps and ladders can be hauled away by Parks & Parkways, but spray paint is another matter. Can the city do anything about this?

"The city can do something about it," Giarrusso said, "but how much can they do or not do is up to them. There are a million things that happen during Mardi Gras, and there are a lot of other priorities. I think the message is, look, we need to be respectful of everybody. We don't spray the neutral ground for anything else. This shouldn't be the one time of year we take special liberties."

Judging from the New Orleans Twittersphere, however, some are ready to take the matter into their own hands:

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