Preview: The Rip-Off Show_lowres


If there's one thing Comedy Central's late-night comedy game show @midnight could use, it's a rowdier audience. In New Orleans, a local comedian's riff on the format — dubbed "The Rip-Off Show" — brings that raucous energy to the Hi-Ho Lounge every month. In response to host Geoffrey Gauchet's prompts, a panel of comedians fires its best bon mots in a competition for bragging rights and a bad DVD from a collection Gauchet's ex-wife relinquished in their divorce. Popular games include ""Florida Man," in which comedians rhapsodize over weird new items tagged with the Internet meme. In "Love Me Tinder," contestants write a message to an embarrassingly bad Tinder profile; "The Price is Weird" combines The Price Is Right and regrettable Etsy offerings. "Last Call" is a rapid-fire final round in which comedians generate as many answers as possible for a concept, such as potential New Orleans marijuana dispensary names.

  For this Halloween edition, each contestant is a character: Gaston Hebert is a Cajun juggalo, Gene Shorts is a cool teen with a passion for vaping and whining, Chipp Gibson is a hard-working comedian stuck in the mid-1990s, and Watson, the artificially intelligent computer that won a Jeopardy championship. Contestants perform brief stand-up sets between rounds, and there's a set by New York comedian Jono Zalay. The Halloween extravaganza also features candy, spooky-themed rounds, new games and more. Free admission.