Overlook Film Festival heads to New Orleans_lowres


Named for the hotel in Stephen King's The Shining, The Overlook Film Festival (April 19-22) has found some connection to that story in its two previous locations. After a year in Oregon, where Stanley Kubrick shot some exterior views for his film, the horror festival moves to New Orleans and the Bourbon Orleans Hotel, which has a ghost story not completely unlike The Shining's Grady twins, say festival organizers.

  The festival includes a full slate of feature and short horror films as well as immersive and virtual reality experiences. Films feature psychological suspense, mysterious strangers, visits to isolated towns and mansions, ghost stories, monsters, gore, revenge schemes, punk rock slashing binges and gruesome Nazi puppets. Hereditary drew raves at the Sundance Film Festival for its tale of an imposing grandmother whose death unleashes a curse on her family. Comedian Patton Oswalt stars as a podcaster talking to a guest about the 1938 sexploitation film Sex Madness while the film screens in Sex Madness Revealed. In St. Agatha, a pregnant con artist seeks refuge in a convent but discovers it shrouds its own horrible secrets. A cyber cafe worker makes the wrong kind of friends when he uses a stranger's laptop in Unfriended: Dark Web. Arizona is a comedic thriller in which a homeowner terrorizes a realtor. In Blood Fest (pictured), horror film fest attendees fight for their lives in a parody of horror genre conventions. Caniba is a nonfiction film in which a Japanese man reflects on the fame he found after killing and partially devouring a fellow university student in Paris.

  The festival has numerous virtual reality experiences, trivia games, podcast recordings, live performances by storytellers and horror writers and more. Film screenings are at Cinnebarre Canal Place 9 and Le Petit Theatre du Vieux Carre. Visit www.overlookfilmfest.com for a schedule and information.