Shreveport native Chris Scivally's career as a fine-dining chef took him to restaurants around the country, including positions working for Susan Spicer and celebrity chef Todd English. More recently, he's been working in sales at John E. Koerner & Co., a local baking supply company. He missed the creative outlet of cooking, however, so in 2010, he and girlfriend Vanessa Taromina started the Fry Bar as a french fry vendor for local markets. Now equipped with a kitchen trailer (picture a tricked-out hot dog cart), they top their fries with artisan cheeses, whole garlic bulbs, fried herbs, smothered pork and whatever else Scivally concocts. Look for the Fry Bar at the Freret Market (4421 Freret St.;, including this Saturday's edition, and at the Arts Market of New Orleans, held the last Saturday of each month at Palmer Park. The Fry Bar also caters events. Reach Scivally at

Did the fine-dining world help prepare you for the Fry Bar venture?

Scivally: I used to be the chef of a restaurant with 200 seats and a celebrity chef's name over the door, and now I'm doing fries outside at events, but the approach is always the same. It's about the integrity of the person making your food, whether you're making fries or searing foie gras. It's about reflecting the culture of where you are and doing something that contributes to it.

Do you worry the street food trend will run out of steam?

S: (In other cities) the food truck thing blew up so big and so fast that now it's all coming apart. That's not a culture, that's just people making a quick buck and taking advantage of a trend. With social media, these things do trend so huge and people grab on to them quickly. We're taking a more cautious approach. I don't want to overextend ourselves.

What do you think the future holds for the Fry Bar?

S: Our goal right now is to have a brick-and-mortar (location) somewhere for quick, grab-and-go service and continue to be able to contribute to the festivals and events where we got started, and maybe someday get a shot at Jazz Fest. I think our food would work there really well. — IAN MCNULTY