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PIety & Desire serves an array of bonbons with creative flavors.

It’s not always bad to be the goat. Not at Piety and Desire Chocolate, anyway.

The latest addition to the bean-to-bar chocolate shop’s bonbon menu is a mouthful: Dat Who Dat Two Dat Drew Dat GOAT. It’s an homage to the New Orleans Saints’ Drew Brees — the “Greatest of All Time” or GOAT — made with goat’s milk caramel over dark chocolate goat’s milk ganache.

Piety owner and chocolatier Christopher Nobles created the piece to honor Brees.

“I usually start with a concept and let the concept drive the flavor,” Nobles says. Within the shop’s eclectic product mix, the New Orleans native has found a few ways to plug his hometown team into his bonbon roster. “I’ve been cheering on the Saints since I was a kid,” he says.

Nobles is reviving the football-themed “Run It S’more,” featuring layers of “Alvin Kamara-mel,” “Marshmall-O-line” and a candied Pecan Payton on top. “We will have to figure something out for the ‘Mark In-gram cracker’ layer,” Nobles says of the former Saint. “But we might just leave him in out of respect.”

The arrival of autumn also brings blood orange moons and duck fat caramels. They join regular items such as the Trust Fund Gutter Punk bonbon, a rotating special crafted from whatever experimental odds and ends of ganache and fillings Nobles has on hand. A current version is flavored with Chambord.

Recent summer offerings included the Chanterelle Spell, with a ganache made from local chanterelles coated in dark chocolate, and the Hemingway daiquiri, infused with the flavor of its namesake cocktail.

Holidays bring items like king cake bonbons for Carnival and chocolate skeleton and coffin displays for Halloween. Around Easter, he makes the “zombie lamb,” which Nobles describes as “a lamb with its brains popping out like he’s thirsty for blood.”

Nobles launched Piety and Desire’s retail operation in 2017.

“I have always loved chocolate and always enjoyed activities that meet in the intersection of art and science,” he says.

His week-long production process starts with cacao and progresses through roasting, grinding and tempering to produce his unique chocolate.

Dat Who Dat Two Dat Drew Dat GOAT and other bonbons are $2 each. Single-origin bars range from $6 to $8. Piety and Desire Chocolate is located at 2727 S. Broad Ave. and is open 2 p.m. to 7 p.m.  Tuesday – Saturday and by appointment.

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