Some bars' house specialties have become classics, such as the Sazerac and Pimm's cup. But there are many house specialties to sate a thirst, some potent, some notorious.

The Gold Mine Saloon: Flaming Dr. Pepper Shots The Gold Mine is known for a crowd that likes to dance and Thursday night poetry readings hosted by David Brinks. It's also known for a dramatic drink special: the Flaming Dr. Pepper Shot. It isn't made with the soft drink, but the final flavor resembles the soda pop. It consists of amaretto and high-proof alcohol on top, which is set on fire and dropped into a half-glass of beer, which should be slugged quickly. The beer douses the flame, but the burn continues inside your head. 701 Dauphine St., 586-0745;

Napoleon House: Pimm's Cup The official drink at Wimbledon and the specialty of the Napoleon House, the signature Pimm's Cup is prepared precisely as its creator James Pimm specified: Pimm's No. 1 (a dry gin concoction); lemonade, 7-Up and a cucumber garnish. 500 Chartres St., 524-9752;

Port of Call: Neptune's Monsoon Port of Call is the only place that offers a Neptune's Monsoon, which the bar claims often was the last request of pirates about to walk the plank. Its rum, fruit juices and sweet and sour mix ensure you'll feel no pain. 838 Esplanade Ave., 523-0120;

PRAVDA: absinthe With its Soviet kitsch, you would expect to find plenty of vodkas, which it has, but it's the selection of absinthes that has made the green fairy, poured over a sugar cube, the specialty here. 1113 Decatur St., 581-1112;

St. Joe's Bar: Blueberry Mojito St. Joe's had religious decor long before it found the inspiration for its signature blueberry mojito, but the hand-crafted cocktail has evoked spiritual experiences on its own and earned many words of praise. 5535 Magazine St., 899-3744

Sazerac Bar: Sazerac The Sazerac wasn't the first American mixed drink, but it was the first distinctly New Orleans cocktail (made with rye whiskey, Peychaud's bitters, herbsaint — or absinthe — and sugar), and its history led the 2008 Louisiana Legislature to declare it the official cocktail of New Orleans. One of the best is served at the bar that bears its name. The Roosevelt New Orleans, 123 Baronne St., 648-1200;

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