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Vivi and Kevin Zheng run Wishing Town Bakery Cafe in Metairie. 

Wishing Town Bakery Cafe, the Chinese eatery at 701 David Drive in Metairie, announced it is moving to Lakeside Plaza in the former Morning Call location. The space has been divided in half, and the other tenant is Share Tea, a Taiwanese shop offering milk teas, including boba varieties, and other beverages.

Wishing Town owners Kevin and Vivi Zheng hope to open in the new space by Jan. 1, 2020, as the lease on their current space runs out at the end of December.

Wishing Town is known for its mille crepe cakes as well as dim sum and dumpling soup, and the Zhengs hope the move will raise the business’ profile and attract younger customers. Kevin also thinks the location will cut travel time for many patrons.

“Here, our customers sometimes say, ‘It’s a long way to come here from the West Bank,’ or wherever,” he says.

Kevin first worked in a bakery at age 19 when he was in college in Guangzhou, China. When he moved to the U.S., he found American baked goods too sweet and decided to try a more traditional Chinese approach here. The business got off to a slow start, he says.

“I believed people will love this if we keep going,” Kevin says. “Business in the beginning was very slow. People didn’t know what we did, and our English was not good.”

The introduction of a savory menu earlier this year, comprised of what Kevin calls Chinese street food, helped the restaurant gain traction

Though the new space is roughly the same size as their current location, the Zhengs plan to expand the menu with Chinese-style noodle soup and rice dishes as well as adding more dim sum.

“We try to do real Chinese food,” he says, “not American Chinese food.”

The Zhengs also operate the Yami food truck, serving lunch near the medical centers. The truck and bakery make for a busy schedule, and he says he’ll continue to operate the truck.

“I can’t think about if they lost lunch without us,” Kevin says. “When it’s busy [in the bakery] and I have to come back and not go out to the hospital, they will call me: ‘Where are you? I’m hungry.’”

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