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Coast Roast Coffee & Tea is about to open a stand-alone shop in New Orleans at 3618 Magazine St., near restaurants Cavan and Lilette. Coast Roast operates retail outlets in St. Roch Market and Auction House Market and has two locations in Mississippi.

The opening party is Friday, Oct. 18 and will feature speakers from a farm in Honduras that supplies Coast Roast with beans. The shop will give away free bags of coffee while supplies last.

Coast Roast offerings vary by location, and the new Magazine Street store will sell coffee and espresso beverages as well as bags of Coast Roast beans. Co-owner Kevin Pedeaux plans to add a frozen granita machine. Coast Roast’s granita will use a cold brew method and raw sugar.

“It’s not a third wave thing to do — and we are a specialty roaster,” Pedeaux says. “We can do a very exotic Indonesian pour-over (coffee with beans) we just roasted a couple of days ago but also some fun drinks that made me fall in love with coffee shops as a kid.”

Pedeaux says one advantage of the stand-alone location over the food hall spots is the ability to control the shop’s environment. Though he appreciates the food halls’ sense of community, he says that after lunch time, their lively atmosphere offers less of a quiet coffee shop feel.

“I want to preserve that atmosphere,” Pedeaux says, “a place to work on your laptop or have a meeting in a nice clean environment in the afternoon.”

Pedeaux is turning to connections from his market locations for food. SOLA Deli from the Auction House Market will provide sandwiches and other light options. The shop will offer a variety of pastries and sweets from vendors including Nonna Randazzo’s Bakery.

The shop will have seating indoors and on a front patio.

Coast Roast will be open 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily.

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