Sno-ball season may have officially wrapped, but here are five snowball spots around town that offer a quick fix year round:

   Ike's Snoballs (520 City Park Ave., 504-355-2241; Tucked away across from Delgado Community College in the bend of City Park Avenue, Ike's has an abundance of flavors as well as boudin and a signature "puppy snoball" for dogs that comes in beef or chicken flavor.

   The Original N.O. Snoballs and Smoothies (4339 Elysian Fields Ave. 504-283-8370; This Gentilly spot offers a range of "diet snoballs" in addition to traditional offerings, as well as smoothies with names like "Healthy-N-Fit" and "Mass Builder" that indicate their status as good and good for you.

   Tee-Eva's Old Fashioned Pies and Pralines (5201 Magazine St., 504-899-8350; Tee-Eva's classic pralines and pies often overshadow the fact that the shop also serves snowballs year round.

   Red Rooster Snoballs (2801 1/2 Washington Ave., 504-895-6786). A bright red, recently renovated snowball stand in Central City, Red Rooster is also know for its yakamein and gumbo offerings.

   Plum St. Snoballs' Metairie Location (Lafreniere Park, 3000 Downs Blvd.; The Uptown location shuts down each October, but a recently opened Metairie outpost in Lafreniere Park stays open year round.