Southern Prohibition Brewing ( in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, announced the creation of a sour beer program. Head brewer Benjamin Green says that although the brewery is well-known for barrel-aging beer in bourbon barrels, he has acquired white and red wine barrels and set up a separate area to work with wild yeasts.

  "Sour beer is one of those things that's really taken off, but we held off because we wanted to do it right," Green says.

  Green plans to make a 100 percent Brettanomyces-fermented beer as well as mixed-fermentation brews in the sour program.

  "I've been working with our lab, isolating different strains [of fermenting bacteria] so we can set up everything for the barrels to succeed," Green says.

  Currently, he's working on fermenting the brewery's saison, Soul Glo, in barrels inoculated with various combinations of four Brettanomyces strains, which will be blended at a later stage. Green says it's difficult to predict the timeline for the fermentation he wants, but he estimates the first wild-fermented saison will be available in three to six months.