Good Karma Prasad Cafe is a new vegetarian restaurant in the works for Mid-City. Michele Baker and business partner Sughosh Berg plan to open it by the end of the summer inside Swan River Yoga (2940 Canal St., 504-301-3134;, a yoga studio Baker operates in a historic former library building. The joining of yoga studio and cafe is not coincidental.

  "We want to present the celebration of food in a different way," Baker says. "We want to be conscious of the effect food has on our bodies, keeping us healthy. There's a spiritual aspect, being more mindful of what we do. And there's the effect that our food choices have on the planet. All of that goes into eating with greater consciousness."

  She says the vegetarian restaurant also will be vegan-friendly and will source as much organic and local produce as possible. Indian flavors will have a prominent role on the menu, she says, but there also will be an emphasis on Southern produce and dishes people already know well. The menu will include salads, wraps, fresh juices, baked goods and fair trade coffee.

  "We want to bring more people in than just those who have already decided to go green," she says. "I think there is a need here now for more healthy restaurant options."

  Baker says she and Berg have been raising money to build and finance the restaurant through events in the yoga community, and they will preview their food and spread the word at a booth at Mid-City Bayou Boogaloo (May 17-19). Look for samosas, a chickpea stew called chana masala and fresh young coconuts at the booth.