Hubig's Pies turn up on grocery shelves, in racks at hardware stores and even on restaurant dessert lists ­— try one twice fried at the walk-up Bayou Hot Wings (6221 S. Claiborne Ave., 865-9464;

  More recently, they've also been turning up in pints of ice cream in grocery freezers. Savory Simon, the portly mascot of Hubig's Pies, even rides shotgun on the label. Hubig's Apple Pie is one of the latest in a raft of new flavors from New Orleans Ice Cream Co. (, a five-year-old local company that seems determined to convert every conceivable sweet New Orleans flavor into an ice cream.

  The New Orleans Ice Cream Co. was a post-Hurricane Katrina concept, and when developing flavors this company looks to food associations and cooking customs that strike a chord with New Orleanians.

  The chunks of Hubig's apple pie in vanilla provide one new example. Others include brandy milk punch, baked Alaska, lemon doberge cake, peach Melba, cafe au lait and beignets and "satsuma Dreamsicle," or vanilla ice cream with a citrus streak.

  Still, New Orleans Ice Cream may be best known to some as the purveyor of the flavor Chocolate City. Its chocolate ice cream with white chocolate flakes references former mayor Ray Nagin's much ballyhooed speech about the racial makeup of New Orleans after Katrina. These days, Nagin's name mostly comes up in discussions of ongoing federal investigations, but the ice cream flavor he inspired still draws chuckles, and spoons.