Beer buzz: Louisiana opens Pink Boots Society chapter_lowres


Louisiana now has its own local chapter of the Pink Boots Society, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting female beer professionals globally. Cities and states that have a critical mass of women in the industry gather in local chapters, and Louisiana has reach-ed that point. (Disclosure: the author is a member of the local and also the larger organizations.)

  The Louisiana group, spearheaded by the leadership of Wayward Owl taproom manager Angela Grittman, participated in the Pink Boots Society Big Boots Brew March 8, a collective brewing day involving most of the worldwide chapters. March 8 also was International Women's Day.

  Women from Wayward Owl, NOLA Brewing Company, Royal Brewery New Orleans and Parleaux Beer Lab brewed a beer for Big Boots Brew in collaboration with Wayward Owl, which provided the equipment and most of the ingredients.

  The beer made by Louisiana's Pink Boots, chosen by the parent organization and customized by the individual chapters, was a braggot, a honey beer. The women named it You Don't Own Mead, and it was released at Wayward Owl and the Avenue Pub earlier this month. The Avenue Pub was chosen as an event space to promote the beer and the chapter because of owner Polly Watts' contributions to the growth of New Orleans' beer culture.

  You Don't Own Mead still is on tap at Wayward Owl, with a percentage of proceeds benefiting Pink Boots Society and its educational programs.

  The beer received a good reception. At 7.2 percent ABV, You Don't Own Mead has a subtle booziness up front, a lingering complexity of honey throughout and a dry finish.

  The brewers also put some of the beer aside in a barrel to ferment with Brettanomyces yeast as an experiment. That brew will be released at a yet-to-be-determined date.