Who says it's hard to find good food in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome? Well, me, for one. But while it may take some digging, between the cardboard pizzas and the frozen burgers you can find some surprisingly satisfying options along the concourses. One recent discovery high in the upper reaches of the terrace section shattered my expectations for stadium food.

  The sign for this tiny vending cart promised roast beef and pulled pork po-boys. The price was $9.50, and in the rush of people foraging for sustenance before the noon kickoff I nearly passed it up. But then I noticed the production line. This was no pre-fab operation. One woman behind the booth was cutting real po-boy bread into lengths while another handled trays of debris-style beef and black-crusted pulled pork. This little corner of the Dome, somewhere around the 611 or 612 terrace sections, looked and smelled like a proper po-boy shop.

  What was truly amazing was the amount of meat these women were slinging. Each sandwich had to weigh more than a pound and a half. "Overstuffed" doesn't begin to describe it. These were sandwiches filled the way you might make your own if no one else was watching and you were unsure when you'd have a chance to eat again. If it's hard to find good food in the Dome, finding something that doesn't seem like a stadium-rate rip-off is harder still. These po-boys exceeded expectations on both marks.

  This Dome po-boy was another refreshing reminder that the hunt for good New Orleans eats can bear fruit just about anywhere, even in the soaring heights above the gridiron.