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Elizabeth Caire serves a barbecue platter at Smoke BBQ. The Covington restaurant, which first opened four years ago, is closing on March 9.

Covington barbecue spot Smoke BBQ will close next month.

The owners of the NorthShore smoked meats hub made the announcement on the restaurant’s Facebook page Tuesday, citing the pending Highway 190 expansion nearby as one of the reasons for the shutter.

Owners Jeffrey and Amy Hansell, who also run the restaurant Oxlot 9 in downtown Covington’s Southern Hotel, said they started looking for alternate locations for the restaurant as the construction likely would have a direct impact on their business.

The couple first opened the casual smoked meats restaurant four years ago. At the time, the greater New Orleans area was going through a barbecue boom, with several spots dedicated to the low-and-slow smoked meats method opening around the same time.

Smoke BBQ’s last day at their current location — near the corner of N. Collins Rd. (US 190) and Lee Rd. — will be March 9. The good news is, the couple hopes to open a new location of the restaurant within the next year. In the meantime, the restaurant will continue ITS catering and pop-up operations.