In an effort to make every day of June a holiday, New Orleans artist Louise Neal ( is inviting June babies to submit requests for free birthday cakes to be delivered by bike.

  Neal is calling it The Birthday Cake Project (, and you can still sign up online. On her website, Neal says she wants to call attention to the fact that private holidays are going on every day around us. As part of the project, Neal will document the cake drop-offs with photos and brief interviews.

  All you have to do to get a cake is be in New Orleans on the day of your birthday and be born in June. You can place an order for vanilla or chocolate cake with vanilla, chocolate or lemon icing. On her website, Neal says she has worked as a baker and has an affinity for making sweets. She has posted all the ingredients in the cakes. Sprinkles are optional.

  From the artist's project description:

   ...I hope to use the act of gifting a cake to document the social and emotional elements of birthday traditions, aging, and communal celebration. By the end of the month, my wish is to meet thirty new people, share a joyous encounter, and leave the project with a collection of photographs and thoughts I can compile and re-present to continue to share the experience with the greater community.